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We are an agency dedicated to creating a resource whereby owners of parking spaces can rent to companies in their area. Many owner/occupiers of apartments with parking spaces do not own or use cars. Our agency can enable you generate extra income from your property, to help meet your considerable mortgage/rental payments.

The clients we have on our books are looking for parking spaces for medium to long term duration. While most owners will only agree to one year this still enables the owner to plan some distance ahead as far as returns on property is concerned. Many companies would be willing to enter into medium term rental agreements with owners.

Corporate rentals gives you, the owner, peace of mind. Rentals are for a more stable and longer duration, and payments are made promptly and in full either by cheque or direct debit.

Minimum rental period is six months.

Parking Space Locators

4 Windsor Terrace, Portobello, Dublin 8. Telephone: 01 454 7777 / 086 609 2604

email: info@parking.ie; register@parking.ie